The cruise is underway! ¡La expedición está en marcha!

  • Back to the eastern tropical North Pacific!

    September 22, 2019 by

    ¡De regreso al este tropical del Pacífico Norte! Our research group, made up of scientists from the University of Washington, University of Maryland Horn Point Laboratory, University of Southern California, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, and MIT, is headed out on the R/V Kilo Moana to study the world’s largest marine oxygen deficient zone in… Read more

  • Sunrises and Sunsets / Amaneceres y Atardeceres

    October 14, 2019 by

    Our blog posts have been less frequent during the past week at the first time series station. weather has extended the stay here, and its been a grueling schedule. but there is still time to welcome the sun with some music! Nuestras publicaciones en el blog han sido menos frecuentes durante la semana pasada en… Read more

  • Incubating Sediment Traps / Incubación de trampas de sedimentos

    October 9, 2019 by

    How do the sediment traps work? They are composed of three basic units; something to intercept and focus particles, chambers to hold the particles until the sediment trap is brought back to the ship, and a control system that helps conduct experiments with the particles. The black mesh creates a quiescent capture zone for particles… Read more

  • Slow Motion Chaos / Cámara lenta, caos

    October 8, 2019 by

    When organisms are eaten some of their remains sink into the deep sea, carrying carbon away from the surface of the ocean and thus away from the atmosphere. How much detritus is sinking? What happens to it as it sinks? Does all the the ‘sinking dead stuff’ make it to the deep sea where detritivors… Read more

  • End of Leg 1 / Fin de la Etapa 1

    October 3, 2019 by

    End of Leg 1: We’ve completed our transect run, traveling north to south from the tip of Baja investigating the low- to no-oxygen water feature found in this region. It’s been a gueling week, as stations come every three hours; many of us work 12 hour shifts to sample the seawater we bring onboard. Now… Read more

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